Jake Brussel Faria

handmade web & refurbished graphics. I’m currently at Virtually Real, a multi-disciplinary agency, where I work on code and design for a variety of clients and projects. I like to build thoughtful websites, draw letters and create material that uses type expressively.

Selected Work: ❈ Happy Birthday, an online portfolio for a new creative agency developed at Virtually Real with design by Christina Hogan. † EB Squaramond, a pointy fork of a classic open source typeface. ✿ Pine Orchard Nursery School, a homey, user friendly site for both visitors and volunteer maintainers. ✺ Bix Archer, an interactive portfolio that requests careful attention.

Misc. Visuals

On the left mocked up book cover for the talk 'Silence is a Commons' by Ivan Illich showing a photograph of an old magnetic tape computer room. On the right, the begining of the text is set small in Hugh Grotesk. Behind the body 'Computers are doing to communication what fences did to pastures and cars did to streets' is set large in pink.
A type specimen page for Hugh Grotesk reads "Group Project Collective Work Joint Undertaking Mutual Effort." At the bottom is "Hugh Grotesk, a schoolbook for all occasions." 
"Tell U" is drawn in a highly stylized psychedelic lettering and digitaly rendered to look like reflective chrome.
A screenshot of font editing software with EB Squaramond open
A specimen page for EB Squaramond reads Poisoning overspill recalesce unmixed chuffed newssheets austerity puddles.