Jake Brussel Faria

Handmade web, refurbished
graphics & visuals for all
New York, he/him

A desk workspace with a computer, keyboard, mouse and several books on it. A calendar hangs above.

Design and dev at Virtually Real. Below is an informal, regularly updated archive of my work and process. If you’d prefer, it can also be browsed on Are.na (they’re exactly the same, promise). A more complete portfolio is available on request, reach out at jake@jakebf.com.

Three hand drawn high contrast sevens of the same construction, each shaded in a different style

Assorted 7s

πŸ”— 9273486
Stain Resistant proceeded by animated ink scribbles

A small experiment with Mess by Tezzo Suzuki

πŸ”— 9102269
a.n.o set in lower case

First sketches from a very loose revival in progress.

πŸ”— 9061148
Cobble in an ornamental italic above a pattern of rounded rectangles

Unused lettering and brand direction for a project that ended up not being called Cobble

πŸ”— 8960959
Daniel Dorsa Portfolio

Gallery on Daniel Dorsa's portfolio developed at Virtually Real, design by Christina Hogan

πŸ”— 8469021
Daniel Dorsa Portfolio

Portfolio for Daniel Dorsa developed at Virtually Real, design by Christina Hogan

πŸ”— 8300515

I'm a big fan of this diagram. I've come across it many times, but have never been able to track down its source. This is my homage to the still anonymous original.

Update: Samantha Seurynck Griffith found it! The original is a patent diagram for a search engine.

πŸ”— 8198176
Public Access Title Cards

Title card exploration for Public Records's "Public Access" online programing

πŸ”— 8104425
Close set in Gardener Display, an all caps grotesk with ornamental vines

The G I contributed to the Ecco group font has taken on a life of it's own in the form of a titling grotesk (with and without ornaments)

πŸ”— 8104369
Bix Archer Portfolio

Bix Archer's portfolio with both archive and selected works open

πŸ”— 8099387
Bix Archer Portfolio

An attentive portfolio designed and developed for Bix Archer

πŸ”— 8099383
A grotesk capital G with an ornamental vine wrapping around it

A botanical grotesk G for the forthcoming Ecco group font

πŸ”— 8017287
Daniel Dorsa Portfolio

A gallery page on Daniel Dorsa's portfolio, developed at Virtually Real with design by Christina Hogan

πŸ”— 7992390
Daniel Dorsa Portfolio

The index of Daniel Dorsa's portfolio developed at Virtually Real, design by Christina Hogan

πŸ”— 7991989
Morning Glory

"Morning Glory" lettering

πŸ”— 7961127
Happy Birthday Website

Happy Birthday developed at Virtually Real, design by Christina Hogan

πŸ”— 7906127
Tell U Lettering

Unused "Tell U" lettering concept for Couch Prints, digitized and processed

πŸ”— 7899248
"Strength" Flier

A recruitment flier for Crown Heights Mutual Aid

πŸ”— 7885488
CHMA "Solidarity Not Charity" Flier

"Solidarity" poster for Crown Heights Mutual Aid

πŸ”— 7885463
Cicero Process Screenshot

Cicero 23, a display font in progress, primarily a digitization of this specimen. Secondarily a half remembered version of other ideas

πŸ”— 7872584