Jake Brussel Faria

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Bix Archer

One of the common issues with one page portfolios is that they often lead to quick, disinterested scrolling. The site I designed and developed for Bix Archer uses interactive layers for a more playful and engaged experience. Here, the gentle interaction of draggable images and a slide-in archive encourage visitors to take their time and stay a while.

A screenshot of Bix Archer's website reads, 'Bix Archer is an artist from San Francisco. She is currently living and working in New York. These are her selected works and this is her archive.'
A screenshot of Bix Archer's website, images of her work, including a painting of a cluttered desk, and archive obscure text in the background.
A screenshot of the archive Bix Archer's website, a long table of titles, materials and dates.
A screenshot of Bix Archer's website, images of her work obscure text, several painting contain, layered objects, like papers and notebooks, strewn on surfaces.