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Hugh Grotesk

When I started researching textbook and schoolbook fonts I noticed that when neo-grotesks were adapted for these styles there was this interesting return to the forms of condensed grotesks from the late 19th century. Hugh Grotesk is a typeface in progress that tries to make that connection explicit by combining the letterforms of a neo-grotesk with the curves and flavors of earlier grotesks. For a full range of influences see my are.na channel

Orange text on a yellowish background set in Hugh Grotesk reads 'This untitled sans is back and bud, it's backer than ever.' Below a serif font says 'A schoolbook for all occasions'
A screenshot of a working file in Glyph font editor shows a Q u and a.
A large block of blue text on a white background set in Hugh Grotesk excerpted from a developer commentary on the game Castlevania
A mocked up book cover for 'Silence is a Commons' by Ivan Illich showing a photograph of an old magnetic tape computer room
The text of the talk 'Silence is a Commons' by Ivan Illich set small in Hugh Grotesk. Behind the body 'Computers are doing to communication what fences did to pastures and cars did to streets' is set large in pink.